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Portable Foot Spa Bath Motorized Massager Electric Feet Salon Tub withShower

Portable Foot Spa Bath Motorized Massager Electric Feet Salon Tub withShower
Portable Foot Spa Bath Motorized Massager Electric Feet Salon Tub withShower
Portable Foot Spa Bath Motorized Massager Electric Feet Salon Tub withShower
Portable Foot Spa Bath Motorized Massager Electric Feet Salon Tub withShower
Portable Foot Spa Bath Motorized Massager Electric Feet Salon Tub withShower
Portable Foot Spa Bath Motorized Massager Electric Feet Salon Tub withShower
Portable Foot Spa Bath Motorized Massager Electric Feet Salon Tub withShower
Portable Foot Spa Bath Motorized Massager Electric Feet Salon Tub withShower
Portable Foot Spa Bath Motorized Massager Electric Feet Salon Tub withShower

Portable Foot Spa Bath Motorized Massager Electric Feet Salon Tub withShower    Portable Foot Spa Bath Motorized Massager Electric Feet Salon Tub withShower

Black Foot Spa Bath Massager. Aolier Foot Spa Massager-Motorized Massage Rollers with Heat and Bubbles. The Aolier foot spa bath massager have some features that others don't come with, equipped with 4 automatic Tai Chi rotating wheel, 4 automatic corn massage rollers, automatic massage neddles, heating, oxygen bubbles, red light, timing feature, temperature adjustment.

Led display is easy to operate, comforatble foot massage helps to give you relaxation after a rough day. Customize your ideal spa treatment, this motorized foot bath massager, let you enjoy your professtional salon experience at home and office, alleviate stress and enhance well-being, accelerate the process of metabolism, and enjoy a foot spa bath with your whole family.

Warm water foot spa helps increase skin temperature and speed up blood circulation, 15 min foot soak massage everyday help relieve fatigue and tension physically and mentally, so that relaxing your body and promoting sleep. There are abundant acupoints in the sole of the foot, feet acupuncture points are directly associated with other body organs e. Brain, eyes, ears, lungs, stomach, etc.

The combination of roller shiatsu massage and oxygen bubbles heated water, reducing the fatigue of feet and improving the wellness of your other organs. Take Good Care of Feet. The elderly or those in a bad physical condition(such as cold feet, arthritis, insomnia) can use warm foot bath in the evening, relieving foot discomfort and improving sleeping quality.

After a high-intensity sport like running, comfortable foot soak helps quickly eliminate the soreness and stiffness of muscle produced after exercise, and bring you to refresh. Feature: Automatic Heat and Massage Rollers, Adjustable Temperature Control, LCD Digital Display. Roller massage: It stimulates the foot acupoints to relieve fatigue. Handle: Make it more convenient to move and lift. Pipe: Drainage pipe design, it can drain water though it which is more simple convenient.

Heating: It uses PTC heater, to control and operate effectively a comfortable water temp. It effectively promotes blood circulation, improves metabolism, relieves fatigue, and smoothens the meridians. 4 massaging rollers provide massage on your feet while and acu-nodes on the bottom well apply pressure to accupoints on the soles to effectively reinvigorate you with added comfort. Come with no-slip hidden handle, with storage handles for easy movement, when you want to change the water or store the machine, it has a drain pipe for easy draining.

1 x Foot Spa Massager. Note: Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. Foot Spa Massager with Heat & Bubbles & Vibration-Care For Your Feet. Aolier Foot Spa Bath Massager. Foot Bath Massager is equipped with 6 massage rollers, automatic heating, bubble and vibration function, you can freely set the temperature and time according to your needs, relaxing the feet through heat bubbles, immersing your feet in a great foot bath, integrating you body, mind for overall relaxation, helping alleviate stress and improving sleeping quality. Use this foot soak massager right at the comfort of your home, without tedious wait and high cost at a massage center. Soothing Oxygen bubble foot massage improve massaging comfort and pamper your feet. 6 detachable foot rollers conform to sole shape to stimulate foot sole pressure points for a deep-tissue foot massage to relief stress.

Scraping the horny and dead skin while massaging and keep the heel smooth. The spa bath massager will quickly reach the set temperature95-118? And keep water warm for better improving blood circulation. Clearly digital Led panel is easy to operate, combines timer, temp control, heat therapy and bubbles into one. It is portable to have a handle that lifts the foot soak tub, makes move and carry more convenience.

Drain the water after use, it saves a lot of water discharge time, and the drainage is more thorough. The bottom is equipped with 4 shockproof and non-slip rubber. Rated Voltage: 110V(US), 50Hz. Dimensions: Top: 16.5"x 13.4"x 10.6" ; Bottom: 14.2" x 11.

A foot spa help relax yourself after a long day filled with stress and fatigue. Blue Foot Spa Bath Massager. A calming foot SPA experience at your own house! Is suitable for the whole family, it would generate heated water that sufficiently promotes blood circulation, and relaxes your foot muscles, improves your quality of sleep. The elegant color of the foot bath fits seamlessly with a modern household, making it a great gift for self or others.

Let your body completely relax with a foot bath massager! The functions are clear at a glance, the operation is simple, and it is more suitable for the elderly.

You can use foot spa materials, like rose petals and bath salt. After the massage, remove dirt and dead skin by rubbing your foot on the built-in pedicure stone.

4 removable massage rollers and mini acupressure massage points for well accurately stimulate acupuncture points on the soles of the feet to effectively relieve stress and fatigue. The combination of hot water and massaging bubbles completes your spa experience right at home, reduce muscle tension and stiffness. Take a relax after a tiring day. A foot spa/massage every day can effectively relieve those symptoms like insomnia/drowsiness/headache/dizziness/flu/obesity. Size: 34x40x18cm/13.4x15.7x7.1inch.

One button to activate the foot bath massager and choose personalized temperature range(95-118°F). Fast heating and temperature maintenance function provide stable, lasting heat without a long wait time for heating and worries about cold water. Bubbling function releases numerous warming bubbles to stimulate foot acupoints and accelerate water heating. This foot spa massager provides clear led display, is easy to operate.

Water temperature can be set from 35? (95°F118°F) and maintain the water temperature, fast-heating system saves your time for waiting. Massage time can be set from 1060 minutes, the foot bath default massage time is 60 minutes.

Stably warm foot spa can make you enjoy the fabulous foot spa bath when you can read a book or watch TV, great gifts for women. 4 massaging rollers (not motorized) of the foot spa bath massager provide massage on your feet, shiatsu massage stimulate pressure points and dredge meridians to add comfort, the massage rollers can be removed as per your preference.

Pedicure stones on the bottom can remove dry dead skin for pamper your foot health. You can enjoy a professional foot bath spa in the home, perfect gift for thanksgiving. The foot massager has automatically off function, PTC heater includes leakage protection and more secure multi-insulation protection, ensure the durability of this foot bath, especially Suitable for the elderly, office workers and people with foot discomfort.

Turn on the bubble jet function to soothe plantar fasciitis and relax overworked feet. 8 Removable Long Massage Rollers with Acupressure Massage Nodes. Roll feet back and forth on 8 massage rollers that are dotted with acu-nodes, providing foot massage in all angles, which stimulates pressure points and dredges meridians, improves metabolism, and enhances blood circulation, relieves stress and pain, improving sleeping quality.

Each press will reduce or increase 1? It can be adjusted from 35? Timing: It can adjusted from 10-60mins.

30mins is the best working time. Eight active massage rollers, which roll the whole foot bones, are set specially in water output. Built-in temperature controls and digital display for easy use. Safety foot baths device bases on traditional medicine therapy and human medicine theory. Brown Foot Spa Bath Massager. Your foot take hundreds of force impact just during one day, soaking your feet in a foot bath is a effective way to help you unwind and help your overworked feet relax. Soaking your feet in a foot bath can make callous removal and nail-trimming easier.

It is particularly helpful for softening the skin on very dry feet. Some people with foot and joint pain stemming from arthritis find that a foot spa helps relieve their discomfort. Spa Bath Massage effectively promotes blood circulation, relieves fatigue, smooths meridians, a Perfect Gift for your Loved One. Foot and Pedicure Spa - Pamper Yourself. Integrating all the best features of acupressure, shiatsu, heat & hydrotherapy, all-in-one bath delivers massaging, bubbling bliss to your achy soles and toes.

The item has been upgraded, remote control is not included for the latest version. Bubble, massage and heat functions auto turn on when booting.

For obvious bubbles, press "Frequency Conversion" to increase to 500W and fill Spa with more water. Women who are pregnant or menstruating should not use the foot spa massager. People having osteoporosis or other feet related diseases should use the foot bath massager after consulting professional doctors.

Feature: Automatic Heat & Massage Rollers, Adjustable Temperature Control, Digital Display, with Bubbles. Whole Size: 43 x 37 x 31cm/ 16.9 x 14.6 x 12.2 inch. Cable Length: 161cm/ 63.4 inch. Wheel Size: Dia 3 x W 3.6cm/ 1.2 x 1.4 inch.

Input Voltage: AC 110-220V, 50-60Hz. Plug Type: US Plug, UK Plug, EU Plug. Automatic rotary massage: It can rotate automatic to stimulate the foot acupoints to relieve fatigue. Kit: It can enhance the effecct of foot bath when putting the medicinal herb. Temp: Each press will reduce or increase 1?

Universal wheels: Protable to move the product. Bubble: It can produce gas waves and generate water resonance, to stimulate the foot acupoints, to achieve the effect of soft massage. Heating therapy, oxygen bubbles massage, high-frequency vibration massage. Four active massage rollers, which roll the whole foot bones, are set specially in water output.

1 x Foot Spa Bath Massager. We guarantee the style is the same as shown in the pictures, but not the same performance on different bodies as on the model.

Type 6# Black Foot Spa Bath Massager. Whole Size: 40 x 45 x 38cm/15.7 x 17.7 x 14.9inch. Wheel Quantity: 4pcs (2pcs with brake, 2pcs no brake). Wheel Size: 3.8 x 3.5cm/1.5 x 1.4inch.

Feature: Automatic Heat & Massage Rollers, Adjustable Temperature Control, LCD Digital Display. General wheels: Protable to move the product. Type 7# Orange Foot Spa Bath Massager. Fast Heating & Temperature Maintenance? This pedi spa foot bath has fast heating and intelligent temperature control function, providing a longer period of warming foot soaking without getting chilly.

Put the button on the digital panel to set your desired temperature 95-118°F35? And say no to constant hot water pouring and embrace a comfy, soothing foot spa bath. Massage Rollers & Removable Pumice Stone? This foot bath massager features 14 massage rollers (not motorized) which you can roll feet back and forth to relax muscles when pedicure spa.

The acupressure nodes effectively stimulate the acupressure points of tense areas on your feet. And the foot spa tub attached a removable pumice stone for helping slough off calluses, corns, and dead skin, keeping your foot skin fresh and smooth. Raise foot pampering experience up a notch by jacuzzi-like bubbles, along with the desired spa materials like sea salt, tea tree oil for deeper relaxing. The vibrations can melt away stress. Heat, bubble, and vibrations can work individually or all at once offering you deeper massager relaxation. At 13.6 diameter, it even fits men's feet up to size 15. Features newly designed control panel, overheat protection, leakage protection, and ETL/ CE certificated to ensure you a safe and comfortable feet spa.

The ergonomic cover outline well fits feet. And non-slip rubber foot stands to maintain the stability of the salon foot spa massager while in use. Feet bath warmer can relieve pain and stress, remove callus, scrubbed dead skin, remove the wart, and promote sleep and improve health: great self-care gift for children, adults, elderly, athletes, people with cold feet or poor sleep.

Water stains inside are the result of the function test. Functions of this foot bath spa massager. What the foot spa massager can do?

Heat the cold water to the temperature you set and keep it. Set heating target temperature according to personal habits. Set time which will stop by itself after.

Massage rollers were to roll feet back and forth to massage the muscle. Generating thousands of bubbles to wrap your feet with total comfort. The vibration mode can relax the muscles of the feet and legs and eliminate the fatigue of the day. A removable pumice stone for helping slough off calluses, corns, and dead skin. We ONLY accept the return for original package.

Please make sure that item has NO man-made sabotage. Used items will not be accepted for return. You bought wrong model or wrong color.

We promise to help you solve it asap, and make you feel satisfactory absolutely. This item is in the category "Health & Beauty\Massage\Massagers".

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  1. Types: Type5# Brown
  2. Massage Functions: Pain Relief, Shiatsu
  3. Model: AVZ34
  4. Item Height: 9.3 in
  5. Item Width: 14 in
  6. Material: Plastic
  7. Type: Massager With Heat
  8. Features: Cordless, Heated, Heat Setting, Lightweight
  9. Color: Black, Blue, Brown
  10. Body Area: Foot
  11. Item Length: 17 in
  12. Item Weight: 6-8 Pounds
  13. Brand: Aolier

Portable Foot Spa Bath Motorized Massager Electric Feet Salon Tub withShower    Portable Foot Spa Bath Motorized Massager Electric Feet Salon Tub withShower